Guided Imagery

At the end of each session, I offer a few minutes of guided imagery as it helps some clients leave the room feeling grounded, hopeful, and motivated.  I incorporate images from nature, such as ocean waves or a peaceful night sky.  Sometimes I may recall and use images you bring up in session that you associate with hope or joy.  This can help you to relive and savor positive emotions and build on your inner strengths.

The guided meditation can be a helpful opportunity to practice mindfulness, another tool for positive coping that is encouraged in CBT.  During the guided meditation, you can practice identifying your chattering mind (your thoughts and judgements) and gently re-direct attention towards thoughts and images that are more soothing.

Many clients find this helpful and say that the guided imagery is their favorite part of the session.  While it only lasts a few minutes, it can be a very powerful way to practice re-directing your thoughts to sooth your nervous system and cultivate peace, hopefulness, and inner growth.