I use a strength-based approach which means that, while we work to make concrete behavioral changes, we also get to deepen and expand on those unique, quirky, weird (in a good way!) aspects that make you, YOU.

For example, maybe you are an adult who happens to love Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons or anything Disney or knitting or playing golf or traveling or spirituality or aesthetics or playing solitaire or painting or basketball or animals or yoga or rapping or singing in your car.  Maybe you thirst for difficult challenges or experience an energy shift when you think about philosophy or cooking or caring for a special person in your life.

Maybe you’re red-green color blind or dyslexic (like me!) or have other limitations that can make you feel different but have also led to additional strength and resilience. 

For whatever it is that makes you, YOU, I believe cultivating and honoring these aspects can help significantly change the direction and quality of your life.  This positive momentum can help us lift shame and uncover the bravery for engaging in the hard work of changing behaviors and creating a more joyful life for yourself.