Welcome.  I offer short-term, 12 sessions of solution-focused therapy.  We will address issues using a narrative of strength and resilience, in which we focus the work on building solutions.  Time in session will be spent outlining your preferred future and finding measurable ways you would like to get there.  Once these goals are clearly defined, I will help you to recognize and commit to incremental steps that lead these positive changes.

A typical session may include:

  • Noticing incremental changes from last session

  • Highlighting exceptions – times the problem did not occur or was less severe

  • Building on personal strengths and uncovering potential hidden resources – where do you get your strength? How have you coped?

  • Increasing relational strengths – Who are important people in your life? How do you cultivate these relationships?

  • Outlining your goals – What is your preferred future? How will things be different and in what ways? How will you know when you are getting closer?

  • Scaling questions – If 10 is when you have arrived at this goal and 1 is the opposite, where are you now?  What would make the number one point higher?

  • Committing to an incremental change for the next session.